Foster Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our wonderful foster families.  Since you have clicked on this page we already know that you care about animals and their safety; the first step in becoming a foster family.  

Our foster families are provided with all the needed supplies for the animal they foster, this includes food, housing, toys, bedding, etc. All we ask that our foster families provide is a safe and loving environment.  Haven! CA, Inc. will pay for all veterinary care the animal needs while in your custody, we can even provide transportation to and from the vet for these visits. There are NO out of pocket costs for our foster families.

Why be a Foster Family?

Nationally fewer than 1 in 8 domestic violence shelters have the capacity to take a domestic violence victim and their pet. Sadly, in California the number seems to be even less than the national average.  As evidenced by the recent natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, families are unwilling to leave their four legged members behind to seek safety.  This is the same with many domestic violence victims.  These animals may be their sole source of comfort throughout their ordeal. Abusers will often harm or threaten to harm the animals in an attempt to control their spouse or children from leaving or reporting the abuse.  Due to this strong animal-human bond victims are often unwilling to leave their abusive situation out of concern for the safety of their animals.  

Haven! CA, Inc. fills the gap in domestic violence services by providing victims with peace of mind that their animals will be cared for while they are in emergency housing. By providing a safe place for their animals victims can focus on healing and moving forward while victims are in emergency housing. These animals are then reunited with their owners and they can begin this new stage in their lives together.

Ready to Become a Foster Family?

If you are ready to become a foster family please fill our general volunteer application. Once complete we will contact you with the times of our foster family trainings. Each foster family must attend a volunteer training; they last about one hour.  After the training we will provide you with our foster application. Each foster family will need to undergo a criminal background check, reference check, and home inspection. If you have any questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster family. The volunteer application can be downloaded here.