What We Do

Our Direct Services Program:

  • Haven! CA, Inc. currently provides our services to anyone in Southern California at no charge. If you are in need of services outside of this service area please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help where ever we can.
  • Emergency housing for any animal -- everything from a hamster to a horse-- for 60 days while the human family reaches safety from domestic violence.
  • Veterinary care for animals with injuries and other health problems because of abuse, as well as preventative care and spay/neuter while animals are in our program.
  • Assistance in transporting pets to accompany their owners to safety (both within CA and across the country)
  • Pet food, supplies, and other assistance victims may need in order to move forward with their pets after reaching safety.
  • Folding crates and other pet supplies for domestic violence shelters.
  • Assistance in including pets in safety planning.
  • Assistance to victims in listing their pets on temporary protective orders and establishing proof of ownership o their pets.

Our Outreach Service Program Includes:

  • Training and cross-training or a wide range of human services and animal protection agencies on the links between animal abuse and domestic violence.
  • Direct outreach to the public to raise awareness about this issue, including speaking at meetings of civic organizations, setting up information booths at community festivals and workplace health fairs, and placing information brochures and posters in veterinary clinic and other locations across our service area.
  • Participating in interdisciplinary conferences and meeting, such as Domestic Violence Task Forces, to keep the issue of animal abuse in domestic violence "at the table".

Programs in Development

The following programs are a type of "wish list", they are programs that we are working on developing and will implement as our resources allow. Please check back to see if we "got our wish". If you would like to partner with us on any of these programs please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Therapy Dog Program: Numerous studies have now show how healing the love of an animal can be during times of need. As therapy dog programs now provide comfort to patients in hospitals and hospice case, to young children learning to read, and older students preparing to take exams, our therapy dog program will work with domestic violence shelter to assist domestic violence in their emotional recovery.
  • Emergency Hotel Stay: Some domestic violence victims must drive a significant distance to find a shelter with space or can only leave at a time where a boarding facility for their pet is closed. This program would pay for one night of housing at a hotel while the victims and their animal make their escape.
  • Pet Deposit Fund: This fund would pay for the pet deposit required by a rental agreement when the victim transitions from emergency housing to their new home. Many times abusers have tight financial control over the victims and they have to leave with nothing, only their pet and the cloths on their back.  When the victim is then able to find a new home the pet deposit may be so large as to prevent them from being able to reunite with their pets. This fund would assist victims in paying that pet deposit and reuniting them with their animals.
  • School Non-Violence Program: This program would allow our volunteers to teach a one hour program to students of all ages that there are ways to solve problems without the use of their hands or harmful words.  Let's try to stop animal cruelty and domestic violence before it starts.